Reiki healing symbol

What is Reiki ?

Reiki (pronounced ‘Ray-key’ ) is an ancient hands-on healing modality that accesses Universal Life Force Energy      for restoring balance and ease to any living being or any challenging situation.  The trained Reiki practitioner serves as a channel of this Universal Life Force Energy as a means of enhancing the recipient’s own bodily energies and natural response to imbalances.  Reiki can bring deep relaxation, ease pain, reduce anxiety and accelerate healing.  Many experience an increased sense of well-being.

Reiki Sessions

Thirty minutes   $35. 00

 One Hour            $65.00

Reiki Sessions

Reiki Session Packages

3 Sessions at $35.00 each for $105.00 with one complimentary session. ( Must be redeemed within 6 months)

Inquire about Gift Certificates.

 Reiki  Level One    $150.00

What will you learn?  The history and philosophy are taught in this level class, as well as the placement of the hands for using Reiki on yourself and others.  You will receive an attunement which opens a deep energetic channel for Universal Life Force Energy within your energy field.  This allows for powerful self-healing.  Reiki One is whole and complete unto itself- you will be able to offer Reiki immediately after receiving your attunement.

Reiki  Level Two     $ 175.00

  In this class we will review and clarify the teaching you learned in Reiki Level One. Reiki  Level Two focuses and intensifies Reiki Level One energy. You will learn how to apply the Reiki Symbols to enhance what you learned in Reiki Level One. We will study the Reiki symbols: The Empowerment symbol, the Mental/Emotional symbol and the Distance Healing symbol; when and how to use each of them; and practice distance healing and work with symbols for hands-on sessions

Level Three Master Level    $ 300.00    

Upcoming Classes                   

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Reiki Classes


“I have received Reiki twice from Kathy Dowd, and both times she was very helpful. I am trained in Reiki myself and have received Reiki from several other practitioners. Kathy is among the best! She knows Reiki technique well and has a gentle and soothing manner. After my first treatment from her, I experienced a huge relief in my stress level. In addition, the space she has created for providing Reiki is very comfortable and comforting. Kathy also sent me information about meditation, which I plan to put into practice. She treats the whole person and is both gifted and generous. I would recommend her to anyone in need of stress-relief or any other form of healing support” .

Mary McCoy Windham, Vermont

“I took Kathy’s Level 1 Reiki training in 2009 and went on to take her Level 2 in 2010. Kathy is currently training me on the Reiki Master Level. Kathy offers a wonderful balance of historical background, hands on learning, guidance on aspects of professionalism such as ethical considerations and effective practitioner to client communication, along with how to foster Reiki energy into our own daily lives. Her students leave her trainings with a substantial body of written work to draw from as well as further resources to explore. Kathy opens her home to her students and other Reiki practitioners in the community for Reiki circles. These gatherings give me the chance to enjoy energetic reciprocity while learning from the wisdom of others. Kathy’s knowledge base is deeply grounded in her education and training but her passion stems from her personal healing experiences. Kathy is an incredibly generous and positive spirit. I am deeply grateful to have her as a mentor in my life. I highly recommend her work in all its capacities”.

Kelsey Connolly- Williamsville, Vermont