Holistic Healing for Pets

petsDo you have a new pet in your household? Bringing a pet into your home requires careful consideration.

Do you have young children or other pets in the home?  Is the pet being adopted from a breeder, pet store, or animal shelter?

Many people encounter some problems with a new pet. These may include training issues, adapting to a new home, or possible trauma such as being separated from the mother too early, or, sadly, mistreatment or abuse.

Through a careful interview we can develop a flower essence formula to support your new pet in a successful adoption. Kathy has had great success with helping pets make the transition to a new home, whatever their previous history may be.

Kathy can assist you in person or by distance with holistic healing for pets.

Fee is $55.00 for an essence formula (by distance please add 5.00 for shipping and handling)

20% Discount for pets who have been adopted in the last 6 months


“Kathy helped my young kitten, Iris, an abandoned and frightened feral cat who we adopted from a shelter. When we brought her home, she was anxious and began peeing in the wrong places. Kathy and I spoke on the phone and by email, discussing symptoms and history of our little Iris. After a thorough work-up by our veterinarian to rule out possible physical causes, Kathy recommended a flower essence formula to give her and for all of us in the household to take as well. It worked almost immediately! She began using her litter box and going outside appropriately. It’s been almost a year now and she is much more adapted to us and her home, not as skittish. It seems such a simple solution to a problem that could have been a deal breaker. We love our kitty and we’re so grateful for Kathy’s skill, insight and generosity”. N. C., Putney, Vermont

“About a year ago we adopted a three year old beagle from the Humane Society.  He had been in several homes before we adopted him, and he had been mistreated.  He was incredibly anxious, and when we brought him home he was having issues urinating inside the house on anything from the floor, to the furniture, and even on beds!  Kathy suggested some drops that she prepared for us to put into his water dish.  This really seems to have made a difference.  Within a few weeks he was no longer urinating inappropriately inside our home.  He has done very well.  We really appreciate Kathy’s knowledge and expertise in this area”.  – R.C., Wardsboro, VT